Monday, 21 December 2009

Logo design draft


I've designed this logo to try and portray the global scale of the climate change in a visual format. I've included links within the logo on the welcome page, which increases the overall interactivity of my site. The colour scheme follows that of the conventional image of a globe to appeal to a wider audience.

I designed this logo using Adobe Photoshop, I used a Photoshop brush and layered one brush ontop of another to create the green and blue coloured effect.

The font on this logo helps connote the decay of the globe due to climate change and helps highlight that the issue is real in a visual way. The colour scheme of the font follows that of the logo, which makes it aesthetically pleasing.

If I were to redesign this logo I would try to give the globe a 3D feel which would give the image more depth. I could also have worked to try to make the globe an animation and make the logo spin around on an axis to heighten the interactivity of the site.

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