Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sunday, 20 September 2009

250 word review on media

My perceptions of media studies when I first started the course were that media would be challenging in some aspects, and I was correct. I find the parts about learning about different camera shots and their nicknames quite difficult to remember, but with revision I feel that it is something I can get the hang of.

My perceptions have changed to Media Studies as I thought that it would be hard have changed slightly; it is more of a challenging subject than a difficult subject.

I think that my storyboard work was good and up to a good standard, I felt confident with the subject it was on as it was considered more enjoyable than a hard homework set.

I do not really understand what all the different camera angles are (shortened versions e.g. MS = medium shot)

From watching the DVD on Casino Royale and how the sound was created, I learnt that it takes a lot more time and effort creating the sound effects that you take for granted when you watch a film. For example there was a part where James Bond (Daniel Craig) was walking along a crane, but because you could not hear his footsteps, and the breathing, the sound editors had to edit this sound in after the shot was taken. This does not sound that amazing, but the time and effort put in is shown in the film.

In the short film we watched, I appreciated the cameras actions as it filmed the scenes in a very different way to other films. For instance in the very first shot when the young boy is skipping through the woods, he is not a clear figure (as he is a ghost) and as he slowly skips in to the middle of the camera angle where you can eventually see all of his body and facial expressions. This shows me all the possibilities and creativeness that you can do with a camera