Monday, 28 December 2009

Question 4

Who Would the Audience be for your Media Product? (Question 4)

The audience for our website would be adults from 25+ and definitely people who are 'carers' that are concerned about society and the environment. I conducted a questionnaire, which I then handed out to people of all ages, ethnicity, gender etc (randomly).

I then got the results back and it showed me that people from the ages of 15 up to 65 would like to look at a website about global warming in their own time. I believe that this is because the effects, causes and ways to prevent at home of global warming are not in any other websites or within reach of a person to find out about, and I am trying to change this factor. And I feel that producing this website will hopefully help to change peoples views about global warming and hopefully it will make people follow the guide set by my website and make a difference. I do understand though that it's difficult to produce a site that targets every age group and type of person so I'm going to focus on 25 - 35 carers.

With the factor of the different types of ages that my website attracts, the questionnaire also asked people what they would like to see within my website. From the reaction I got from the questionnaire I have tried to fit as much as I can within my website to cater for everybody’s ideas and thoughts, I have done this to please all types of people. Some of the ideas were having limited amount of writing to make it easier to understand and a diagram of where the places in the worlds are producing a higher carbon footprint than others.

Below shows two of the results in a pie chart format:

I asked 34 people from around my area for their opinions on whether global warming is an important factor at the moment and the results came back that 85% of the people I asked feel that Global Warming is an important factor. Here is the evidence of my results:

I also asked the same 34 people whether they turn off their electrical appliances when they’re not using them. From these results, I have realised that turning of your electrical appliances isn’t going to help save Global Warming because out of the 34 people 41% of them said they do and 50% say them sometimes do. Here is the evidence of the results:

Along with asking them those two questions, I also asked them to leave a little comment at the bottom of the questionnaire on what they would like to se within a Global Warming website. From the feedback we got, I have tried to add at least one of the ideas into my website. One of the ladies I asked came back with a point of letting people know what the main causes and effects of Global Warming are and from that point I have tried to put that into my website as much as possible.

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