Monday, 28 December 2009

Question 6

What Have You Learnt About the Technologies from the Process of Constructing this Product? (Question 6)

The things that I have learnt from constructing my product have been very useful in the process and will help me in the future. The things that I have learnt (and how/why they have helped me) are:

Photoshop: Even though I already knew how to use Photoshop quite well before, I picked up a various amount of skills that I did not know before. For instance I did not know how to alter fonts on Photoshop, but now I do. I can now change/alter the colour of the fonts to match the colour of my background or a picture. I have used this in my front page of the website.

iWeb: The construction of my website was down to the programme iWeb. I had never come across this programme before, but over the past months I have adapted to using it. I am happy with my efforts as when I first started using iWeb , I found it rather tricky to use, as I was not familiar with Apple software.

Layout: I have re-designed the layout to my website several times, I feel that this change is good and for the best of my website. Even though it took a lot of time, I know it looks better and suits the website more appropriately.

I hope that all these new skills that i have learnt through these new technologies have made my website a aesthetically pleasing and knowledgeable website.

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