Monday, 28 December 2009

Question 5

How did you attract/address your audience? (Question 5)

The way in which my website attracts the audience is simply cut down to a few factors. The language is very distinctive in the sense of how it attracts and makes people want to read on, it does this by using several cliffhangers from layout to layout, it is also a very easy text to understand. This is good as it is understandable for any type of reader, (the website is not overly loaded with facts and difficult scientific words that any ordinary person would understand, for instance instead of using long winded equations to how global warming started and is occurring, our website would offer sentences broken up so that it is easier for the reader to understand.

The colour of the font is pretty basic (black/dark grey) as I felt that making the colour of the font bright and colourful would make it seem a bit childish.

The positioning of the writing on the page is different and quite exciting and original. The writing is positioned next to the pictures (which I have taken, which show photos from Antarctica, showing the melting of ice etc). i feel that this is good as each picture relates to each section of writing, for example on the consequences page where it is linked to loss of sea mammals such as seals (picture of a seal next to the paragraph) this was quite a risk when I first started as it would either look

really good or really bad. I feel that it has worked and looks aesthetically pleasing and it is a sophisticated look to the website.

Other things that have been added to my website to attract people are such things as rollovers, novelties, font sizes etc. These are nothing major, but they are items that all consist of making the website function, and stand out. But one of the most attracting

things about my website is the opening page. It is unique and i feel that it is a good opening page and would hopefully draw more peoples attention to global warming and also enjoy the process of going through my website.

Another main attraction to my website in my eyes is the gallery section and the About Us page, this page has a interview with the local council representative. I feel that this is good and shows a different view on global warming that what most people think of. I hope all these efforts work well and change peoples views on global warming.

I expect the people who visit my website to be happy with the content and knowledge that is behind it. I would also be very pleased if the audience appreciated the presentation and layout of the website as the pictures and editing took a long time, but it was hopefully worth it in the end as the aesthetics are a key point of my website.

Some of the feedback has been that it might work better for a younger target audience and I can see why people would say that. I think that people aged 25+ would still like the site as something different though because they can get the facts quickly without having to read pages. They can also easily donate as the site is uncomplicated.

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