Monday, 28 December 2009

Question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups? (Question 2)

The social group/type of people that my website represents are people who care about the environment. The issue it represents is global warming. It represents the issue through the use of images, photography and text on the subject. The photographs we have used are of a high quality (resolution) and they were taken with my own camera while on a trip. There is a slideshow on the gallery page, which shows pictures from a Antarctica Expedition Trip that I went on a few years ago. I have represented the issue by showing the melting of ice caps and showing species that would be lost due to climate change such as the seal and penguin.The style of language that I used in the website addresses my target audience in a formal way but is not overly packed with long scientific words, it has the correct amount of proportion of the two so it can be read by any person who is interested in global warming.

Hopefully the combination of the pictures, the layout and the text should produce a successful website. Age may be a key factor for the design and layout of our website ( The layout is very easy to read and understand which makes it easy for the young and old. I have done this by making sure the colours are not too bright so it looks childish, but the colours have been carefully selected to look sophisticated and to suit the theme of my website that is environmental.

The construction of my website is to represent the people who are also trying to stop climate change and global warming. Our website will help people understand all there is to know about global warming. This is done on the website by the interactive front page which allows you to find your way around the globe by finding the hyperlink that best fits your needs, (if a student wanted to research the facts about global warming, then that student could come on my website and interact and learn very easily and enjoyably)

The layout of the pages of the websites are very aesthetically pleasing, this is so it can be easily read and taken in by any type of person of any age. This was one of the key points that my partner and I took in to consideration a few times so that we could get the correct and appropriate layout. We also had a little trouble with what colours to use and what colour would once again be appropriate. I believe that now we have the best colour possible and it fits the websites needs perfectly.

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