Monday, 9 November 2009

4cs Survey Results

Priority: Status

Characterisation: Aspirer

You are a person of strong ambition and aspiration to succeed, with big ideas and plans for the future. You strive to excel and be recognised for who and what you are.

You care a lot about others’ opinions, and being aware that others judge you by the way you look, you pay a lot of attention to your personal appearance. With excellent social instincts and ability to please, together with a desire for attention, admiration and applause, you make an special effort to be noticed.

Your creativity is expressed in appreciation of beautiful things, comfort, luxury and elegance, and maybe a self-indulgent, extravagant tendency, dreaming of fantastic, exotic faraway places and lifestyles.

You create your own image and persona, imaginative and complex. You are attracted to charisma, sparkle and shine – glittering occasions, people and places. Fashionable and trendy, but also fun and friendly. Dreams do come true!

Main Priority: Control

Characterisation: Succeeder

You are powered by a strong goal orientation; your long term growth plans backed up by the confidence of high self-worth. The underlying aim of your drive is duration and stability, a desire for lasting personal achievement. It’s possible that you have a forward plan of your life worked out, and think in terms of strategic moves towards willed outcomes.

Your creativity works in a process of simplifying complexity – cutting through ambiguity and extraneous complication, organising solutions. And in finding ways to express your conclusions in down-to-earth examples from personal experience.

You do need to be the captain of your ship, separate from the mass of people - and to enjoy the rewards of success as well as the symbols of prestige that inspire the achievement of life goals. You may feel an attraction to things that have lasted for a long time – well-aged single-malt whisky can be one example, a tendency to align yourself with the local political and social establishment another.

You are particularly aware of the importance of inter-personal communications. Socially you feel most at ease with individuals who share your Control priority, but on some level you may need a more caring and protective antidote to the stress and suppression involved in your drive toward success.

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