Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Website Brief

Media Studies


I will be producing a website that will be about the causes and effects of Global Warming. These are the titles of the pages below;

About Us



How to Prevent at Home,



Donate Page

What is the website going to be about?

The website will present Global Warming and its factors and effects on the world. The website will educate people on Global Warming and give people key tips to what they can do to help prevent Global Warming at home.


My website is going to try and educate people on Global Warming and hopefully it will be a very helpful, useful and aesthetically pleasing website that caters for all users, ranging from young children to the older generation. This is so that the website can be used by all types of people and the users can actually take note of the point on what we are trying to portray in our website.

What we are trying to achieve from producing our website

We hope to achieve to widen people’s knowledge on Global Warming. Hopefully we will achieve this with helpful pictures from a trip to Antarctica to show melting of the ice caps and useful information that will shock people. This will hopefully change the way they live so they can care more for the environment and the effects people have on the rest of the world.

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